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Being an Agile software consultant, we help you to choose the right Agile software for your business. Few software products that we work with are Restyaboard, Jira, Trello, Asana, Mantis Bug Tracker, Zendesk and Freshdesk. Every business is unique and our expertise in Agile space worked for many companies.

Agile Consulting

Agility is an important requirement for any team. And, to monitor the process efficiency, you need software. We have so many software that claimed to help task management, project management, etc. But, every business has unique requirements.


We help companies to adopt Scrum, Kanban and any Agile processes. We provide training to consulting for any basic understanding of process implementation.


Adopting software for process implementation is another step. We help companies understand the pros and cons of the software-oriented approach.


Process implementation and software support are a continuous journey. We work with the companies and software vendors for smooth Agile implementation. Companies thus save huge bills from software vendors.

Case Studies

AgileShoppe will help your team to unleash the team power at your workplace.

Delivering Mobile App Innovation

We helped a mobile app development company to adopt to Scrum and Kanban Agile processes through Trello and Restyaboard. The team productivity tripled and the customer satisfaction rate has greatly improved. The choice of Restyaboard as a self-hosted kanban board brought a positive impact from their customers.

Customer Happiness

When we tried to help a clothing store, it was struggling with customer happiness. The store had to throw away its outdated and clunky expensive customer handling software that no one loved to use. We worked with the software vendor to create a few custom modules.

Processes, Staffs, and Students

Handling processes are always challenging. We helped the number of Universities to adopt task management and Agile processes. That greatly improved communication among the Universality staff.

"AgileShoppe is awesome. They worked with us in the last 3-months. It was a great experience for all of us. Thank you AgileShoppe"



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