Taiga is an application for project management

Taiga is an application for project management that can handle basic as well as challenging projects for startups, software engineers and other target groups. Taiga chart a project's progress. Taiga allows you to choose either the Kanban or Scrum prototype, or both. Backlogs are shown as a running list of all features added to the project, and user stories.

Taiga incorporates video conferencing technology with the use of Talky.io and Appear.in third party providers.

Taiga also provides many importers for migration from other proprietary softwares

This project management framework will communicate with repositories such as GitHub and Bitbucket which are based on online version control. To enable migration from other proprietary software systems, Taiga also provides many importers.

Taiga lets you take the agile project in the direction you want, even to non-agile limits if you need that.

Taiga is the forum for project management

Taiga is the forum for project management for agile teams who want a beautiful tool to make their work very enjoyable.The project management tool provides information on who will perform project responsibilities and how the team will handle them. Team members can also easily create assignments that reflect the work needed to get a user story completed.

The agile method may keep a list of the project's issues or related changes. Additionally, it has a built-in wiki feature for users to build project documentation pages.