Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Tracker is a bug tracking program, based on the web

Mantis Bug Tracker is a web-based bug tracking system that is free and open source. MantisBT's most popular use is in monitoring software defects. Nonetheless, users also configure MantisBT to act as a more generic system for tracking problems and a method for project management.

For example, Mantis supports multiple projects with access to each project user while ensuring proper separation between projects and the team working on them. It also includes divisions and subprojects.

MantisBT supports the sending of e-mail notifications upon issue changes

MantisBT allows email notification sent when changes are made to issues. Users may specify the type of emails they receive and set filters to identify the minimum severity of notification issues. Users can also directly apply to any issues affecting them.

MantisBT is an open-source bug tracker that offers a careful balance between elegance and power. Users will start in minutes and start managing their tasks while working effectively with their peers and customers.

MantisBT can be used for tracking bugs for different software projects

With MantisBT you can track your bugs with an easy, intuitive interface and classify your bugs into categories and then work through your life-cycle problems. Check them, allocate them automatically to your developers, add files, name them, ping your teammates and configure your program.

MantisBT can be used to monitor bugs for various software projects and enable users to manage user access at the project level and Mantis supports ios, Android, and Windows Phone Platforms. Mantis platform is available on the marketplace as open-source. Mantis supports several browsers and embraces almost all systems such as Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, etc.

MantisBT supports the Apache and Microsoft IIS Web servers

For example, Mantis supports several projects with access per project user to maintain proper differentiation between projects and the team working on them. It also recognizes divisions and sub-projects. Bugs reported in MantisBT may be exported to CSV, xlsx.

MantisBT supports the Apache Web Server and Microsoft IIS. PHP must be built with it if you are using any other Web Server.

In MantisBT, admin can grant users access based on their individual roles

MantisBT encourages fast and professional cooperation with team members and clients. As many users are allowed to use the same domain and the same data set. It is only available for Licensed Material. In MantisBT, Email will be activated among a group of users for any action taken by anyone.

In MantisBT, admin can grant users access based on individual roles. For each project, it may be applied differently. Therefore, for two different projects, one person may have a different level of access. The dashboard shows that I have been assigned, unassigned, identified by me and many other regular filters to look at all the problems that individual users have.

Mantis helps manage different launches

Mantis assists in handling different launches. To monitor releases it supports Project Versions. Users can also create future releases and recognize problems for each update. Issues and information about the release can also be outlined for better understanding in a Roadmap tab. Mantis supports its own time tracking built-in feature. Mantis supports more than 100 add-ins to communicate with different applications to improve the work.

Mantis Bug Tracker is an open-source, web-based application tool. It is used over the entire Defect Life Cycle for bug tracking. Mantis supports Release Features along with bug tracking to handle multiple updates of a project or program.