Freshworks, previously Freshdesk, is a customer service engagement software company

Freshdesk lets you create workflows so that repetitive tasks can be streamlined and efficiency increased for your agents. You can use the free plan to route tickets to the right agents, set up preset answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

Freshdesk is designed to meet the needs of small and large businesses alike. With it, users can extend their scope by introducing multi-channel support, streamline operations using automation tools, increase productivity through gamification, as well as enhance customer support efforts through self-service portals.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software

Freshdesk is a website with a robust set of tools and services to help companies serve their customers ' every need. Organizations all over the world use this to deliver outstanding customer service and experience.

Freshdesk has a strong ticketing system that provides different tools and information to its agents. The system gives them significant rank, background information, private notes and more. We can also send replies in format, display and manage tickets easily with just a few clicks. Certain features include inboxing the team, SLAs, automated replies, batch behaviour, automation of scenarios and more.

Freshdesk can endorse an infinite number of products

Every account at Freshdesk can have an unlimited number of mailboxes, enabling agents to manage all emails in one location. It also has an integrated phone line, so users can quickly set up a dedicated call centre on the cloud. It supports live chat, Facebook, and Twitter platforms with input widgets.

Freshdesk can endorse an infinite number of products in which tickets flow through one help desk and are divided into different agents or teams. The helpdesk can have multiple SLA policies in multiple business hours, serving different time zones. The system lets users help customers in more than 30 languages. This allows for integration with, among others, applications such as Transifex, Localize and Google Translate.

Through efficient automation, Freshdesk lets company agent be more successful

It has features including automatic ticket dispatch, ability to handle daily procedures, assignments, and cause time-based actions, for example. Users can also set up event-based rules, and trigger appropriate actions. Gamification adds excitement and competitiveness among agents, enabling them to have fun, be more successful and at the same time help clients.

Native mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms are available from Freshdesk. In-App support is also available for answering questions and resolving issues while using the mobile app. Also, users can expand their support capabilities to popular apps such as Google Apps, CRM systems, invoicing software, e-commerce applications, and more with integrations.

Freshdesk provides a freemium pricing structure with various configurations

Freshdesk provides a freemium pricing plan with different configurations to suit the needs and sizes of the different companies. The free Sprout plan includes up to 3 agents and support channels for email, regular telephone channel and basic functionality for the knowledge base. Lower plans come with more advanced features. All plans include 247 email support and 24 hours of 5 phone support.

Freshdesk is branch-wide for corporations and organizations of all sizes. It is for companies that need to reach their clients and reward them for the goods and/or services provided.

Freshdesk is a total solution for businesses to help their clients

Freshdesk is a full customer support system for businesses. The features are efficient and available. It is affordable, versatile, compatible with other tools and designed to be more effective and easy for customers to support agents.

Freshdesk supports more than 30 languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese and more. It even integrates translation services such as Google Translate and others.