Asana provides web and mobile apps to help you to stay on the move

Asana is a software-as-a-service aimed at improving teamwork and job management. This lets teams handle tasks and projects in one tool. Teams can create tasks, assign teammates to work, set deadlines, and communicate directly in Asana about tasks. It also provides tools for publishing, attachments to files, calendars, etc..

Asana provides web and mobile applications to help you to keep track, organize tasks and meet deadlines. Map, monitor, track and discuss the Asana projects of your team to go beyond planning and get results. Asana is a web and mobile framework designed to assist teams in planning, tracking and handling their work.

Asana is more than just a simple tool to manage tasks and projects

Asana has been built to replace the use of email to coordinate work and collaborate. Before the current widespread adoption of project management software, all job decisions and task coordination were performed via email was a common practice.

Asana is more than just a task and project management tool; it can also be used for unique internal functions such as bug tracking, candidate tracking, and pipeline setups. Teams could keep records of all interactions – from creating leads to maintaining relationships with loyal customers – in the segment Notes and comments.

Asana's boards let you see your work easily

Asana is among the most popular software for managing projects currently available on the market. Your teams are guided by the comprehensive work management platform so they can stay focused on priorities, objectives, and daily tasks as you develop your business.

Asana's boards allow visualization of your work easily. Move the job quickly, comfortably and beautifully across multiple stages. Asana can be connected with DropBox, Sunrise, HipChat, Slack, Box and Google Drive. It has a maximum of 100 MB per person anchorage.

Asana is a cloud-based project and task management software

Asana is a cloud-based project and task management software that allows companies and ad agencies to track and coordinate, connect and collaborate on tasks and initiatives. It is helpful to teams and companies that handle multiple projects at once, and it can support businesses of any size.

Features include task tracking, monitoring, automated updates, a customer interface, communication software, dashboards, mobile application, document management and assigning of tasks.

You could also reach Asana's dashboard on both Android and iOS smartphones

Asana can be reached through mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It's available on both Android and iOS devices as well. With up to 15 users, the software is free. Even then the price band is based on a company's number of users.

Asana's dashboard also lets users monitor the status of projects at a glance at a high level. Asana's emphasis for the future is clear: it plans to expand its operations globally and add new users to the enterprise.