Restyaboard-Freshdesk Integration Install

Deliver exceptional customer support with the Restyaboard-Freshdesk Integration

The integration of Restyaboard-Freshdesk is great for solving tickets to your customer service. Link your Restyaboard board to the Restyaboard-Freshdesk integration with your Freshdesk account so that every card can be connected to the Freshdesk tickets and vice versa.

This integration will allow you to create cards to your Restyaboard right from your Freshdesk ticket and update your support team about the changes on cards linked to any ticket.

The interface helps you to decide where the ticket will be connected to the Board, List, and Card where the ticket will be added.

Restyaboard-Freshdesk Integration will let you create cards in Restyaboard from the Freshdesk by providing information like a description of what's needed, the requestor's name and the comments on the ticket. Any changes made on Restya cards will be reflected on the corresponding Freshdesk ticket. Agents will get updates on the same.

The interface helps you to decide where the ticket will be connected to the Board, List, and Card where the ticket will be added. Put the colleagues together to provide outstanding customer service. Synchronizing priorities among teams to faster ticket resolution. It’s really easy to install and to get it running.

You can easily manage your bug tracking

You can easily manage your bug tracking and resolve the issues or update your todo list to complete the process and manage your projects in Restyaboard effectively by using Restyaboard-Freshdesk Integration. Solve tickets quicker by synchronizing the teams in terms of Status, Priorities, Assignees, Due dates.

If errors occur, reporting the same problems is normal for many users. A card can be made for each bug, and all tickets associated with that bug can be conveniently added to the card by the support team. Enable collaboration and synchronize information about your ticket support to reach your goals.

Restyaboard and Freshdesk Integration makes setting goals for what to fix first easy

Converting all the support tickets to the cards means a quick scan of the board can show which issues are giving people the most headaches. This makes setting goals for what to fix first easily. Once a patch is out, it's easy to send a bulk email to everyone who has sent a ticket for that issue letting them know it's done.

Converting tickets from Freshdesk to cards in Restyaboard boards also makes it easy to provide customer feedback directly to product development teams, helping to make collaboration between support, product managers, and developers simple and easy.

How to install & use

How to install Restyaboard-Freshdesk Integration in Freshdesk

  1. Click on the Install button in the Freshdesk Marketplace

    Todo Screenshot

  2. After getting the access token by allowing the Freshdesk app to access your Restyaboard, go to your Freshdesk dashboard, click the Restyaboard icon in the left sidebar and the Restyaboard Freshdesk integration will show the page.

  3. Upon clicking the Login with Restyaboard button, it will direct you to a Login page to enter your Restyaboard URL and access token to access your Restyaboard account.

  4. After entering the login credentials, it will direct you to a listing, where you can create the card or link the existing card to the particular Freshdesk issue. You can create the card from the particular Freshdesk issue in your Restyaboard by selecting the board and list only.

  5. You can link the existing card to the Freshdesk issue by selecting the board, list, and card.

  6. You can self assign yourself to a card from Freshdesk by clicking the Join Card button.

  7. You can also unassign yourself from the card by clicking the Leave Card option.

Video Instruction

How to install Restyaboard-Freshdesk app in Restyaboard

  1. After installing Restyaboard-Freshdesk app in your Freshdesk dashboard, log in to your Restyaboard URL.

  2. After Installation of Freshdesk app in Restyaboard and after login, upon clicking the Freshdesk app in the footer apps list, it will open the modal card for connecting to the Freshdesk app from your Restyaboard.

  3. For setting up the Freshdesk integration with Restyaboard, please click the Connect With Freshdesk button in the modal card.

  4. Upon clicking the Connect With Freshdesk button, it will send you to a webpage to Allow Freshdesk to access your Restyaboard account.

  5. Upon allowing Freshdesk to access your Restyaboard, the Freshdesk app will properly access your Restyaboard and will send you back the access token to connect the Freshdesk app with Restyaboard.

Video Instruction